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Servo Motor Drivers

  • Dual Axis Servo Drives-DDHD
Dual Axis Servo Drives-DDHD

Dual Axis Servo Drives-DDHD

  • Product description: Superior servo performance and compact footprint make the DDHD dual axis drive the ideal cost-saving solution for low and medium voltage applications. Evolved from Servotronix successful CDHD servo dr

Key Features

  • 20% lower cost per axis due to shared components and less wiring
  • High performance control of synchronous servo motors
  • I/O programming
  • Command type: P&D, Analog

  • Interfaces multiple feedback devices
  • Share AC input and regeneration, for energy efficiency
  • Simple commissioning using ServoStudio™ GUI

  • Exclusive 30-month warranty


Model Input Voltage (VAC) Input Power Main Circuit Cont. Current (A rms) Peak Current (A rms)
DDHD-1D81D8 120/240 1 Phase 1.8/1.8 6.5/6.5
DDHD-3D43D4 120/240 1 Phase 3.4/3.4 12.3/12.3
DDHD-3D46D8 120/240 1/3 Phase 6.8/3.4 18/12.3
DDHD-4D54D5 120/240 1 Phase 4.5/4.5 13.5/13.5

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