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Motion Controller

  • Compact Motion Controller-SoftMC 301
Compact Motion Controller-SoftMC 301

Compact Motion Controller-SoftMC 301

  • Product description: Extremely compact motion control software and hardware package, offering extensive programming capabilities that have been successfully implemented in a variety of automation and robotic applications.


  • Ideal solution for controlling mechanical stages, gantry tables, delta
    and SCARA Robots
  • Open, modular, and modern machine control environment
  • Ethernet machine interface
  • Support for EtherCAT® and CANopen® motion buses
  • Controls 1 to 6 axes
  • Powered from industry-standard 24VDC
  • Extensive capabilities for both standard and non-standard robotic kinematics
  • Rich programming language that allows complete flexibility to create motion programs, with support for pre-emptive multi-tasking and asynchronous event response
  • CE compliance
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